Monday, September 20, 2010


I know I promised that there would be just one more travel post, but before I write that one, I have to offer a few pictures of the ubiquitous Athens graffiti, seen here on just one street in the Plaka (the tourist area surrounding the Acropolis):

I love the riot of color--it seems appropriate for the riotous act of graffiti. Even its density is somewhat pleasing to the eye, more so than the slogans and sometimes crude drawings we get in California.

Athens has a LOT of graffiti, which is no surprise since the word comes from the Greek root graphi, which means "to write." However, it seems to be confined to places like this--homes, shops, abandoned buildings. The Acropolis and other monuments were graffiti-free (and I don't remember any security guards patrolling the sites with their guns, as we had seen in some of the Black Sea countries). Maybe, just maybe, the Greeks truly do respect their heritage.

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  1. That's so interesting that they seem to leave their important buildings untouched. Sort of restores my faith in humanity! Thanks for posting these photos -- I have a soft spot for graffiti for some reason. Perhaps my natural rebellious nature.