Sunday, February 19, 2012


Quick, how many LDS Temples are there in Texas?  Which one was the first to be completed?

Come up with an answer before scrolling past this picture of a flower bed at one of the Texas temples.
Flowers at the San Antonio Temple

Here they are, all FOUR of them:
Dallas: Announced April 1981, Dedicated October 1984
Houston: Announced September 1997, Dedicated August 2000
Lubbock: Announced April 2000, Dedicated April 2002
San Antonio: Announced June 2001, Dedicated May 2005

Since we visited both San Antonio and Houston this weekend, we had the opportunity to stop by two of the Texas temples. Both of them were in out-of-the-way locations far from the city center (about 24 miles in the case of the San Antonio Temple and over 30 miles in the case of the Houston Temple), but both of them were worth the detour.

San Antonio is set up on a hill and can be seen on approach.  At 16,800 square feet, it is a small temple not unlike our 17,300 square-foot temple in Redlands:
What I really loved about the San Antonio temple were the gorgeous stained glass windows.  Most of them depicted trees, and all of them were brilliantly colored.  I would love to see these some day from the inside.

Today we drove past the Houston Temple.  Unfortunately it was a) already dark, and b) Sunday, so the gates were locked.  There was an explosion of pink and yellow tulips in full bloom inside the gates, but I couldn't get a good picture in the dark.
However, the temple itself is very big, 33,900 square feet, and with very strong vertical lines, it looks pretty massive:
It would be fun to do a session in each of these temples, but unfortunately luggage space (San Antonio) and itinerary (Houston) made that problematic on this trip.  Maybe next time.

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  1. I served at the Open House for the Dallas Temple because I lived up in Fort Worth at the time. As you noted, it was the first temple in Texas and the other churches' propaganda machines were in full force. We felt sort of like pioneers, but doing the Open House was a great experience.