Thursday, September 20, 2012

BREISACH, GERMANY: Part 2, We Return to the German Side of the Rhine

After our ship had docked at Breisach, and after our morning tour to the Black Forest, we had two options for afternoon tours: the one to Colmar that the Kenisons, Joneses, and we took, and another to some World War II sites that the DeLongs and Jackmans took.  (I think after our pre-cruise travel, some of us were World War II-ed out.)  After our tours, we returned to Breisach in the late afternoon to get back on the boat and head to our next destination. Fortunately, our group of three couples had just enough time to do a few essential things before reboarding.

For example, we enjoyed the wonderful cobblestone streets.  I just can't get enough of them.

We made our way up one of those streets . . .
. . . towards St. Stephen's Cathedral:
. . . through the Hagenbach Tower, mentioned in city records as early as 1319.  It was a lookout and a gate to cathedral square, but also served as a prison.
The view from the top of the hill was beautiful:

Unfortunately, the cathedral was closed, but we were intrigued by the "patio" with an armless stone statue of Christ hanging on one of the posts:

The medieval church steeple had a wonderful clock, which reminded us that we'd better get moving back towards our boat before too long:
However, there were a few more things to look at.  For example, Breisach had possibly the best doggie doo-doo sign I've ever seen:
Internet translation: "Hey, Gentlemen!  Hey, Ladies!  The heaps are in the bag.  The bag in the trash."
Also, there was a very unique piece of art in the village square, a bull bursting through the bricks and bearing a headless woman-figure on his back:

There were lots of papery-white flowers to enjoy:

I have a thing for windows, and Breisach had some wonderful ones:

At the end of the day, we had just enough time for one last critical stop:

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  1. Why is your bowl of gelato so much bigger than mine? I need a redo!

    1. What IS that in your hand, Chris? A taster's cup? Honestly, you disappoint me.

  2. As evidence of my oblivion to things of an artistic nature, I'd not noticed that the bull was bursting through the bricks.

  3. Loved this little afternoon jaunt of yours. Looks like the woman on the bull is also missing her torso--makes you wonder what these things are about, doesn't it? Loved the signage, both about dogs and the inlaid cobblestone signs. Beautiful country. I'm getting restless--anxious to head to Italy!