Friday, November 2, 2012


After leaving Heidelberg, we sailed north and made a quick stop in a little town of about 9,700 residents that I had never heard of: Rudesheim am Rhein.  We didn't have much time here, and nothing was organized by the cruise people, so we all just set out on a walk.

We were a bit concerned about the possible presence of a Harley Convention in town, but I love the playful adaptation of the word "Hallelujah."
 Rudesheim is a wine-making city, but we didn't waste our time with some of Europe's finest wine. We headed straight for the GOOD stuff.

 The town was fun--lots of color and energy:

I'm sure that for a wine-drinker, this little town is Mecca:

 Rudesheim has been around for quite a while.    Burgerhaus? Like McDonald's?  Hey! There are my initials!

We couldn't help but be drawn to the hills behind the city:

They were covered with row after row of grapes:

Our walk into the hills gave us a great view of this enchanting village, situated right on the banks of the Rhine:

 We were soon on our way through the area known as the Rhine Gorge, one of the most picturesque sections of the cruise:

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  1. Beautiful town, lovely views, but it was hard to beat that gelato!

  2. So they had a mouse-flavored gelato? (The bright blue one). Don't all these litle towns have a lovely character? And so picturesque?

  3. I must admit that gelato looks delicious and colorful. For me, Rudesheim was a very touristy un-fun destination. It was probably my least favorite of all the places we visited on our trip. Other than the geese near the boat and the beautiful monastery on the hill, and the vineyards, it was to me like a German Disneyland. A fake old destination designed to bilk tourists of their money by getting them drunk.