Friday, October 23, 2009


I just couldn't resist posting this cartoon. Bob and I just watched the movie Super-Size Me, the anti-McDonald's, anti-ALL fast food movie made by Morgan Spurlock in 2004. In spite of its VERY inflammatory approach, it definitely will make me think twice before I eat fast food.

Aside from the connection the cartoonist is making between obesity and fast food, this cartoon also reminded me of being in the Forbidden City in Beijing and not seeing any food vendors--except a Starbucks. Yep. However, after seven years of outrage, Starbucks was finally kicked out. Apparently the Chinese did not think it was conducive to highlighting their culture. I also remember a McDonald's across from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, so this newest Paris location should not be much of a surprise. Maybe they can come up with new menu items. The Bernini Burger might be a big seller. Any other ideas?

I know all the arguments about Mickey D's (and Wal-mart, and Disney) taking over the world, and the negative things about that, and for the most part, I would agree.

However, to be totally truthful, if we see a McDonald's in a foreign country, we stop in to see what is unique. We've decided the french fries are best in France (ALL food is better in France), although we like the way they serve them with cider vinegar in Vancouver, Canada. Japan makes a mean hamburger with a fried egg on top of the patty, and Japan also has the best sundaes--mango ice cream with chopped mangoes on top. Even domestic McD's get into it. My sister Angie has had a McLobster burger (she called it a "Lobsta roll") at McDonald's in Rhode Island during lobster season. I'd love one of those!
There's an interesting article about McDonald's adaptation to various cultures and foods here.
Quite honestly, I think it is a bit of marketing and public relations genius on McDonald's part. Have any of you tried any of these regional dishes? Are there other McDonald's specialties out there that Bob and I need to try?